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Monday, June 27, 2011

National Recognition for St. Paul the Apostle

The first installment of Dr. Denis McNamara of the Liturgical Institute- reviewing St. Paul the Apostle's church design as featured in the Creative Minority Report.

Creative Minority Report

I have had the good fortune to play a very minor consulting role in the new Catholic church of St. Paul the Apostle in Westerville, Ohio, which will be dedicated on June 29th. Its architect, David Meleca of Columbus, has been something of a "sleeper" in the field of new Catholic church design. Though less well-known than some of the church architects centered at Notre Dame, his portfolio list an impressive body of traditional church design. CMR readers may remember him as the architect of St. Michael the Archangel Church in Kansas, chronicled here.
One of the distinguishing features of Meleca's work is a
highly synthetic approach to combining the classical tradition with the liturgical requests of today's mainstream clients.

To read the rest of the article :

New Catholic Church in Ohio: St. Paul the Apostle

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