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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Columbus Commons - Another Project for the Files

A few months back we featured Columbus, Ohio projects proposed but never built.  

Now that we're sure this Columbus Commons design is headed for the same file, we can share.   These designs were in response to a request for proposals by downtown leaders.  The site is at the corner of S. High and Rich Streets.

While Meleca's concept was selected - for several reasons the project stalled.

First Columbus Commons Proposed Design
This first concept shows three mixed use buildings.  Retail on ground level with housing on upper floors. 

Second Columbus Commons Proposed Design

This second design concept shows two mix-use buildings with a free standing restaurant in middle.

Columbus Commons Proposed Design

Mix-use Elevation Building 1

Mix-use Elevation Building 1 - No Set Back

Free Standing Restaurant Concept

Artist renderings by Paul W. Kelley.


  1. I would be perfectly happy with Meleca designing buildings to fill in *ALL* of Downtown Columbus (and beyond). This is simply beautiful. Sad to hear the project was stalled.

  2. Walker -

    We appreciate your continued support of our work! We are passionate about our city and its development.

  3. I really love the style of architecture Meleca brings to the table. I'm just sad that the design for Polaris got VE'd down so much - I loved the concept renderings you guys did for Glimcher.

  4. Jered - Thanks so much for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing what people think of our work/ideas.

  5. I love the second design, I would love to see it built!!Is it still stalled/abandon/or developing?