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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road trip...

I attended the SMPS Greater Cincinnati Higher Education Panel Program today - hosted by Messer Construction Cincinnati.  It was a beautiful morning for the early drive.  (Partly because I got to listen to 2-whole-hours of news radio rather than the usual Wiggles DVD playing for my 22 month old.)  

The featured panel were facilities representatives from six surrounding area universities and colleges discussing the state of higher ed development.  Xavier University (one of the representatives on the panel) was located just a few miles away so I took the opportunity to make a quick campus visit.

It was refreshing to see such large scale construction going on during what feels like a never ending drought of development.  Here is a new residence complex for the campus with 525 student suite-style rooms and 800 seat dinning center. Opening is scheduled for August 2011.

The departing site from the athletics fields.

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